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  2. Anyone else have a waffle iron sitting around collecting dust? Well, dust it off and give this a go! Waffle “bread”! I repeat… WAFFLE BREAD! Totally keto and totally amazing!

    Here’s the recipe (makes one waffle):
    – 1 egg
    – 1 tablespoon coconut flour
    – garlic to taste
    – 1 cup of cheese of your choice

    Mix all ingredients together. Spray waffle maker with non-stick spray. Place mixture in the center of the waffle maker, and cook on high until done!

    This was definitely big enough for two to share or to save for later. I made a sandwich out of mine! Roast beef, garlic aioli, and pickles!

    **thank you for your time , if you want more recipes you can visit my website** [My Easy Keto recipes](


  3. This looks cool. I’ll bet protein powder would make it even better taste and texture wise. Pretty much anywhere you would use almond flour, you can use protein powder and it’s 0 carbs and tastes way better. I’ll try this with protein. Thanks.

    Edit: You used coconut flour. Same idea applies. Anywhere you would use coconut or almond flour, you can just sub in protein powder. It’s not a complete 1:1 but it’s close. You end up using less protein powder by volume.

  4. I have a question about this recipe, and y’all PLEASE don’t slap me, because I truly don’t know. I cannot stand anything coconut. So, the coconut flour…. does it TASTE like coconut? If so, can something else be substituted? Because these look mahhhvelous.

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