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  2. I made this on a whim and it was AMAZING!!!

    4 oz diced pancetta
    3 T granulated garlic or garlic powder
    1 T EVOO
    8 T thin salsa medium
    1 package miracle rice, shirataki rice
    Salt and pepper to taste

    I couldn’t find my strainer so I used a clean dish cloth to rinse the rice under super hot water for a few minutes. Wring out to dry and really squeeze all the water out of the rice.
    Add rice and garlic powder to a dry cast iron pan and stir for about 12 minutes or until desired texture, at the 8ish minute mark add the olive oil and stir to make the almost crispy texture of pilaf.
    Then add all the salsa, my rice absorbed it in a few seconds. Then I put all the pancetta in and cooked over medium heat until crispy.
    Be sure to mix the pork flavors into rice. Season with salt and pepper.

    This was my meal prep for the next day so it sat over night. Not sure if its necessary for the flabor, but there was zero rubberyness and it was delish!

    16.1 g protein
    74.2 g fat
    8 g net carbs
    753 calories

    Makes 1 serving

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