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  2. Nutritional Information per slice

    700kcal, 6g Carbs (6g Fibre), 10g Protein, 69g Fat (91% FAT BOMB)

    INGREDIENTS (makes a 6″ cheesecake, 6 slices)


    280g / 10oz full fat cream cheese

    280ml / 10fl oz double / heavy whipping cream

    100g / 3.5oz hazelnut butter

    40g / 1.4oz cocoa powder

    60g brown sugar substitute sweetener


    130g roasted hazelnuts (plus 18 to decorate)

    65g salted butter

    30g brown sugar sweetener


    learn from my mistakes: either line your springform with parchment paper or spray it with oil and then dust with cocoa

    let’s make the filling first: ground the hazelnuts (except the 18 for decoration) in your blender and then add to the bowl along with the butter (not too cold, possibly from out of the fridge) and the sweetener. Mix with a mixer or alternatively with your hands until well mixed and breadcrumbs consistency is achieved.

    transfer the crust to the spingform, distribute evenly maybe with the help of a flat tool (I used a flat cup measure and press down. put in the fridge to solidify while we work on the filling

    For the filling: put cream cheese, cream, hazelnut butter, cocoa powder and sweetener together then with the mixer (possibly whisker) beat together until fluffy and mousse-y.

    Get the spinrpan from the fridge (should be about 10 minutes) and pour the filling on top of the crust distributing evenly with a spatula.

    Leave to rest in the fridge for AT LEAST 8 hours, ideally overnight.

    Decorate with dusting cocoa / hazelnuts

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