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  2. Lettuce wrap BLT with avocado. Some inspiration for you guys. Keto recipes dont have to be super complex. Very quick and easy yet still delicious.

    Original recipe found here:
    Super easy and quick to make, tastes delicious, and very low carb/calorie


    6oz Turkey leg (baked)
    3 romaine hearts (2oz)
    Avocado (100g)
    Tomato (100g)
    1 tbsp avocado mayonnaise
    4 slices pre cooked bacon


    Peel romaine hearts off and wash. Smear avocado mayonaise on the inside of the romaine heart. Add Turkey, sliced tomato and sliced avocado. Top with bacon.

    Macros for one BLT (this recipe made three)

    Calories: 200




    Net carbs:2

  3. I like using iceberg. The lighter heads of lettuce work better as the core isn’t as dense. Cut in half, and fill it with water from the sink. This makes it much easier to peel out the core of the lettuce, leaving you with a perfect vessel for a sandwich, just like jimmy johns.

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