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  2. **Ingredients :**

    Chicken breast pieces 200gms

    Lemon juice 1tablespoon

    Black pepper powder 1tablespoon

    Garlic powder 1tablespoon

    Red chilli powder 1teaspoon (optional)

    Chaat masala ½ teaspoon

    Salt 1½teaspoon

    **Method :**

    Take a bowl cut the chicken into small cubes.

    Add black pepper powder,garlic powder, red chilli powder,salt,lemon juice in to the chicken cubes n mix well.

    Heat a nonstick pan and place the chicken cubes in to it and covered the pan with a lid for 5 mins.

    The chicken will leave some water from it.

    Let it cook until tender and let the water dried up.

    Serve it hot with some finely chopped coriander leaves, chaat masala and some black pepper powder

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