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  2. Cajun Jicama Fries

    Original recipe found here:


    One Jicama (350g)

    One tbsp oil of choice



    Cajun seasoning


    Cut skin off of one Jicama and slice into long strips. The slimmer the crisper they will turn out. Hit jicama with salt and allow to sit for 20 min. Drain excess water.


    Microwave jicama for five minutes. This will allow even more moisture to be released and also makes baking faster and allows for a better crunch. Once again after microwaving strain excess water.
    Throw jicama into a large bowl. Add oil of choice I used avocado oil. Add pepper and cajun seasoning to taste/liking. Toss. Spread on parchment paper. Make sure they dont overlap or touch each other. Bake in oven 400° for 18-20 minutes or until preferred color. Baking will depend on thickness of cut. Serve with your favorite low carb sauce or enjoy plain. Whatever floats your boat. I used G Hughes sugar free ketchup. This recipe yields 4 servings. Not gonna lie I ate two servings and the family demolished the rest.

    **Macros per serving**

    Calories: 64

    Fat: 3.6

    Protein: 0.6

    Carbs: 7.7

    Net carbs: 3.4

    This recipe is very easy to prep/make. The calories are extremely low and the carbs are a bit high but if you can make the macros fit these are worth trying out. Simply delicious! Best eaten hot of course.

  3. These look amazing! Jicama is one of my favorite fruits (vegetables? Root vegetable? Idk lol)
    Compared to jicama fresh, does it resemble the taste? Or does the jicama just absorb whatever spices you give it? Would you say the texture is closest to cooked potato or like a raw potato? I have a hard time wrapping my head around this idea but nevertheless, I’m sure jicama tastes amazing any way you make it!

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