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  2. Macros per samosa :

    Calories – 57

    Fat- 4g

    Protein 4g

    Total Carbs – 2g

    Net carbs-1g

    Fibre -1g

    **Casing ingredients :**

    85g almond flour

    170g shredded/ grated mozzarella cheese

    2tbsp cream cheese

    1tsp salt

    1tsp turmeric

    1tsp Chilli powder

    1 egg (optional)

    (Makes about 24 small samosas)

    Stuffing : I made a basic minced chicken stuffing. Make anything of your choice.


    1. Mix all casing ingredients except egg in a microwavable bowl and microwave for 1 minute.

    2. Stir and microwave for 1 more minute. Remove and stir again.

    3. Add egg if including and mix well. Will form a soft dough.

    4. Roll out between parchment paper and cut into squares or circles

    5. Place stuffing between squares or circle and fold in half. Or place two squares together with stuffing in between.

    6. Seal edges by pressing both ends together

    5. Bake at 220c for 13-15 mts or until golden all over.

    Serve hot with mint chutney, mustard sauce or eat as is!

    Tip1- If dough becomes hard to handle, just microwave again for 1 mt

    Tip 2- you can store the dough in a sealed box and refrigerate for upto a week

    Tip3 – you can just bake the casing dough as is after step 4 in the instructions above to make crunchy crackers. Or use as base for pizza

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