Gordon Ramsay style scrambled eggs on top of avocado keto toast w roasted grape tomatoes

Gordon Ramsay style scrambled eggs on top of avocado keto toast w roasted grape tomatoes

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  2. **Gordon Ramsay Style Scrambled Eggs**

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUP7U5vTMM0 (watch to see how he does it!)

    * 3 Eggs
    * Butter
    * creme fraiche
    * Salt
    * Pepper
    * Chive/Green Onion

    **Grape Tomatoes (6)**

    **Avocado Spread**

    * Avocado (half)
    * Salt
    * Pepper
    * dash of garlic powder

    **Keto Toast**

    * Use your favorite Keto Bread recipe there are a lot out there posted on this sub if you dont have one.
    (I get my bread from a semi-local keto bakery called [ketonia](https://www.ketoniafoods.com/store/p6/Honey_Wheat_Bread.html)
    each slice is about 2 net carbs)
    * Butter


    In a sauce pan w rubber spatula – 3 eggs, 3 slices of butter, follow Ramsays instructions on how to use the heat, take off the heat, till almost cooked. Add the Creme fraiche to stop the cooking. Finish with Salt, Pepper, Chives/Green Onion.

    In a small skillet melt the butter, cook the grape tomatoes along side the bread till bread is toasted, and tomatoes are roasted.

    Mix half an avocado with salt, pepper, garlic powder till its spreadable.

    Spread avocado onto toasted keto bread, top with scrambled eggs, serve tomatoes on the side to compliment with their acidity.

    I do lazy keto, so I dont count calories, and I just kind of keep mental note of total net carbs per day. I dont really keep count of fats or protein, I just try to keep decent portions and stick to as little carbs as possible. I also wanted to add more fat into this meal so I opted in for the addition of the avacado spread.
    That said this entire meal added up to around *9g of net carbs* or about *4.5g per serving.* I was feeling hungrier than I actually was this morning, so I only ended up eating one portion of toast. So you could probably count this is a 2 person meal!

  3. Gordon’s eggs are THE BEST. I’m so glad to see another soul who appreciates them 🤖 I will never go back to my old ways after having been introduced to these eggs last year!

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