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  2. Ingredients:
    – 4 Chicken Breasts
    – 1 Red Pepper
    – 1 Green Pepper
    – 1 Med Onion (Sweet or Spanish)
    – 2 Packets Fajita Seasoning
    – 1/3 or 1/4 cup Sour Cream
    – 1/3 or 1/4 cup Shredded Cheese

    1. Cut up chicken and cook though. Add amount of water indicated on package and add seasoning.
    2. Cut up peppers and onion and saute in separate pan. Make sure they are still stiff a bit as it will cook more. Then add it to Chicken and stir all in.
    3. Serve and top with sour cream and cheese.

    I sometimes add chili flakes for extra spice. There are a few carbs in the spice mix but if you ration it out into meals it should only be 10-15 net carbs. I like to use the cast iron skillets as it keeps it warm while eating.

  3. Thank you for posting a recipe with vegetables in it. I’ve noticed lately that most of the recipes on here are almost entirely meat and cheese which, while I absolutely love both, doesn’t cover all of the vitamins and minerals we have to get. I’ve never been much about how food looks only how it tastes, but it’s nice to see something with colors besides white, brown, and orange.

    Edit: Also, not a big fan of desserts even when not doing keto, so the cakes and cookies and things are bleh.

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