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  2. Recipe (sorry all, don’t have macros)

    Cheeseburger soup
    -4 cups beef broth
    -1 cup heavy cream
    -1/2 cup half & half (ran out of cream)
    -1 lb shredded cheddar cheese
    -1 half onion (your preference)
    -6 oz tomato puree
    -2 Tbls dill
    -2 lbs hamburger
    -6 slices bacon

    1. In large pot, pour in broth, cream, half & half, cheese, tomato puree, and dill .

    2. In skillet, cook up bacon, add to pot, drain MOST grease, then add onion.

    3. Cook onion 4-5 mins, then add hamburger.

    4. Season hamburger to taste, cook until done, then add to pot. Drain off liquid to avoid adding too much fat to soup and causing separation.

    5. Cook on medium low, to allow evaporation until reaching desired thickness while making sure not to burn to bottom of pot, stir occasionally.

    Broiled Asparagus
    -20ish asparagus spears
    -black pepper
    -olive oil
    -parmesan cheese

    1. Place asparagus spears in large bowl, toss with olive oil, place on tray.

    2. Spread spears, add pinch of salt and black pepper.

    3. Broil on low for 5-7 mins depending on asparagus thickness and remove.

    4. Sprinkle on parmesan and place back in broiler for 1-2 min.


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